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Choosing Your Paddle: Advanced v. the Classic Paddle

Choosing Your Paddle: Advanced v. the Classic Paddle

Deciding on Your Pickleball Paddle: Advanced or Classic?

Trying to decide which paddle is right for you?  Let’s break down the differences between our two popular Pickleball Paddles, the Advanced and the Classic Paddle.



We designed both of these paddles with design and high quality materials in mind, so whichever you decide, you can rest easy knowing that both options will improve your pickleball game and stand the test of time. 


Both paddles incorporate:

  • Highly condensed foam wrapped in a sweat-proof grip tape that ensures extra cushion

  • A custom silicone ring that holds the grip in place

  • Honeycomb core interior with a custom made edgeguard, made to endure

  • Canvas cover to keep the paddle safe and clean while not in use



Advanced Paddle

The Advanced Paddle by Recess Pickleball is a high-performance paddle designed for intermediate to advanced players. This paddle features an oiled carbon fiber surface for additional spin, with a heavier honeycomb core for more power. Its elongated shape provides ample surface area and a longer grip for a two-handed backhand. The extra weight and length allows players to hit with more power and control. The Advanced pickleball paddle is available in five colorways.


Recess Pickleball 512 Sport Pickleball Paddle


Classic Paddle

The Classic Recess Pickleball paddle is designed for players of all levels, and can be used for casual recreational games or for tournament play — just like our Advanced paddles, a variety of styles are already USA Pickleball Approved. This paddle is light-weight and comes in a wider range of designs and colors, created by our talented in-house team!


Recess Pickleball Classic Paddles


Which Paddle is Best?

When deciding between these two paddles, consider your playing style and skill level. If you're an intermediate or advanced player looking for a high-performance paddle with excellent control and power, then the Advanced Paddle is right for you. However, if you're newer to pickleball or prefer a more traditional-style paddle with good durability and control, then the Classic Paddle may be your match!


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