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Pickleball Games For Kids

Pickleball Games For Kids

Pickleball Fun: Games & Activities for Kids

Pickleball is multigenerational and a fun activity where every member of the family can actively participate. Just like their elders, kids love the socialization and how much fun the sport can be. We have compiled a few tips, tricks, and games to help you keep your littles engaged.


Kids Pickleball Tips & Tricks

Go with the Flow

Allow kids to express themselves on the court. The best part is when they are smiling, laughing, and want to be there!

Give Your Littles Choices

Let them decide which side of the court they want to be on and if they want to serve or receive first.

Be Encouraging

The best part is when kids ask to come back to the pickle ball court. Remind them how much fun they can have!

Stick to the Basics

We all know how complicated pickleball rules can be. That is why it is important to stick to the very basics. Start with volleying the ball back and forth so that they can get comfortable with the paddle. Explain the serve: underhand and cross court, and that it has to clear the kitchen.



3 Fun Pickleball Games for Kids

While they may not be playing the game of pickleball exactly right, they are still getting comfortable with the paddle and learning how to hit the ball!


Our littles love the idea of hitting the ball as hard as they can. To play skyball, the adult stands on the opposite side of the net and hits the ball high up in the sky. The child positions themselves to look up and search for the ball and smack it down. There is so much joy to be found in this exercise!

Pickle Baseball

This is a great game to play if you have a lot of kids that want to participate. Split up the teams into two and follow the basic rules of baseball, but rather than using a bat, you are using a paddle.

Catch and Serve

Have one child serve and another on the other side of the net. Instead of returning the ball, the other play simply catches it. Take turns serving it back and forth just catching it.


Pickleball Necessities

Two Pickleball Paddles + Three Pickleballs + 1 Court Bag

Recess has everything you need to get started with pickleball. Grab a Recess Set or Build Your Own Set today!


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