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Two Paddle Bundle


Grab a bundle of two pickleball paddles, three pickleballs, and one court bag. Recess paddles are perfect for an impromptu pickleball game and a spontaneous day in the sun!


  • Surface: Strong and durable fiberglass.

  • Core: 0.53” thick honeycomb interior.

  • Edgeguard: Custom made to withstand the elements.

  • Grip: Highly condensed foam used in the tennis and golf industry, covered by a custom color leather grip. Sweat-proof and built to last.

  • Grip Band: Custom branded silicone ring that holds the grip in place.

  • Canvas Cover: Keeps the paddle safe and clean while not in use.


    • 2 Paddles: Choose Barton Springs and Hyde Park or Clarksville and Lady Bird

    • 1 Box of 3 Pickleballs

    • 1 Court Bag
    • Embroidered Canvas Paddle Covers with Leather Zipper Pulls

    • Let's Play Holiday Gift Bow

    Two Paddle Bundle