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Codie O'Connor x Recess Green Paddle


We are beyond excited to share our new artist collaboration between Codie O'Connor and Recess Pickleball! Codie is an abstract painter with a studio based in Austin, TX.

"The colors are derived from the paintings I’m currently working on and what's bouncing around in my brain at the moment, and the line work (which tends to be a common theme in my work) is intended to feel like a remix of lines found on a pickleball or really any sports court without feeling too literal."

Meet the Artist Blog

  • Surface: Strong and durable fiberglass.

  • Core: 0.53” thick honeycomb interior.

  • Edge Guard: Custom made to withstand the elements.

  • Grip: Highly condensed foam used in the tennis and golf industry, covered by a custom color leather grip. Sweat-proof and built to last.

  • Grip Band: Custom branded silicone ring that holds the grip in place.

  • Canvas Cover: Keeps the paddle safe and clean while not in use.
  • 15.67” H x 7.8”' W

  • Weight: 7.5-8 OZ

  • Grip Circumference:   4.25inch

Codie O'Connor x Recess Green Paddle