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10 Pickleball Doubles Strategies

10 Pickleball Doubles Strategies

1. Communication is Key

On and off the pickleball court, it is important to talk to your partner. Get in the habit of calling the ball. “I got it,” “You got it,” “Mine, yours.” Be encouraging!

2. Serving Positioning

Serving player or team stands behind the baseline to serve and remains there or just inside to hit serve return after it bounces (Double Bounce Rule).

3. Receiving Positioning

Receiver typically stands at or near the baseline to return serve; however, be alert for the possible need to move forward to return a shorter serve. Your partner should stand on the kitchen line.

4. Move Together

Introducing the string theory. Imagine you and your partner are tethered by string; if your partner gets pulled wide you can't allow the string to break by staying still. If the string is pulled six feet, you move six feet.

5. Get to the Net

The majority of points are won at the kitchen (non-volley zone). It should always be the goal of both players to get to the kitchen line as soon as possible after the double bounce rule.

6. It’s about the Dink

Dinking is hitting the ball softly and making it drop straight to the ground after it passes the net in the kitchen. This ensures that your opponent will not hit a winning volley shot. Dink on, friends!

7. Placement over Power

Play smart not hard. Rather than trying to hit a winner every shot, it is better to place the ball back over the net in control and let the opponents make the fault, or wait for a chance to hit a guaranteed winner.

8. Go for the Middle

The safest place to hit a ball in doubles it is deep down the middle – this minimizes the chances of hitting wide and may cause confusion over which opponent should return the ball.

9. When in Doubt, Hit it Deep

You want to try to keep the opposing team away from the net. Try to hit the ball deep in the court to keep them at the baseline.

10. Happy Feet

Keep those feet moving! You never know which direction or at what point you are going to have to move. Keeping your feet off the ground will also help your body to develop a quick response to better get to the ball.


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